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Here you will find resources to support your practice of hatha yoga and meditation: inspiration, yoga tips, guided meditations as well as music and mantras in the yoga tradition.
We take pride in offering a solid library of high-quality products that are easy to follow. Please explore our guided meditations and music collection and check out our instructional clips. Our hope is to inspire and support you in taking care of your best resource: your self. read more


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Yoga News You Can Use

Meditation 101 - Part 1 

Whether you’re about to meditate for the first or 100th time, it’s great to ask yourself these basic questions: What is meditation? Why meditate? and How do you do it?

As you explore these questions, as I have for the past 27 years, you'll find that there are many answers from many sources, including what may be the most valuable one: your own experience.  Without fail, the simple step of asking these questions can be a wonderful way to start or jumpstart your practice of meditation.

Part I of this post…

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Bestselling Beginner's Yoga Series

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Stress Relief

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Stress Relief

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This DVD offers a complete program to help alleviate back pain and stress, offering simple, effective and easy to follow yoga exercises that help prevent and alleviate back pain and You can either download and follow along with the full recording – about 60 minutes of instruction – or purchase and try the individual segments as stand-alone short programs.


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Harshada breath

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True freedom christine w

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Love compassion

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